Su-Kam 250 VA Micron Square Wave Digital UPS (Mini Inverter)

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The Su-Kam 250 VA Micron Square compact inverter is designed with ultra-advanced elements to make it one of the most powerful devices of its variety. With its inherent state of the art charging technology, this unit enhances the battery life. The high efficiency inverter protects gadgets and machines by giving out a loud signal during a short circuiting and power overload. In a similar fashion, the unit protects itself against deep discharge using a buzzer. It is fully compatible with Tubluar, and Flooded Lead Acid Battery. An embedded ultra-advanced Fuzzy Logic Control makes this device highly user-friendly. The inverter efficiently prevents damage to your machines and appliances due to voltage fluctuations. The inverter uses minimum Input Voltage between 185 – 265V and Maximum Input Voltage ranging from 105V to 285V. This smart heavy duty home inverter is offered to you at a very reasonable price.

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  • Portable: Good looks, lightweight, shock proof and easy to move.
  • Power saving: 50% faster battery charging as compared to ordinary UPS.
  • Protects battery from deep discharge: Alerts the user with a buzzer sound in battery mode.
  • Powers heavy load like TV: Capable of withstanding high influx of current up to 300% of its actual capacity.
  • Protects appliances: Enhanced protection to appliances in case of short circuit and overload with auto reset and alarm feature.
  • Fuzzy Logic Control Patented Technology: A patented charging technology from the R&D labs of Su-Kam that enhances battery life by regulating the charging process.
  • High efficiency: Micron Digital UPS is Based on advanced microcontroller technology, which improves the efficiency of the system & provides clean power.
  • 24 months warranty



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