Plate Rack 2 Layer JC 1618

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Air dry washed plates, cups and more in the 2-Tier Dish Drainer. Ideal for a home kitchen or an office break room, it easily fits on nearly any counter space. The slots on the upper rack hold plates while the flat tray on the bottom accommodates other items. Specialized holders on either side provide spots for cutlery and for drinking glasses. This dish drainer includes removable trays for catching and draining water.

Offers space for draining and drying dishes efficiently
Dish drainer provides removable plastic dish trays
Slots for dishes and a cutlery holder
Easy to assemble

2 Layers
Dimension: 43 cm x 23 cm x 36 cm

Material : Color Steel

Color available- Blue, Black, Red, Purple, Gray and Green

Installation– No. Buyer has to install as per installation manual. It will take 10-15 mins.


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