Flexible Air Filled Riding Horse

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Product details of Flexible Air Filled Riding Horse For Kids

  • Cute inflatable horse hopper for ages 3 years+
  • 4 sturdy feet make it safer for toddlers to sit and bounce on
  • Pointy ears allow children to safely hold on when bouncing


Little ones will go hopping mad for these ToyStar Bouncy Horse Hoppers. Unlike round-shaped space hoppers, the horse hoppers have four sturdy legs so that they’re safer and easier for kids to bounce on. They also have ears for toddlers to safely hold onto when they’re bouncing. They’re a fun way for kids aged 3 years+ to strengthen their muscles, improve their balance and develop their coordination. The hoppers are made from durable PVC rubber and contain no banned phthalates or metal elements, making them super-safe for kids to play with. Each hopper includes a pump to inflate them in seconds. Simply remove the plug from the belly of the hopper, insert the pump and inflate.


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