Electric Blanket Regular (L) price in nepal

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Electric Blanket

Size 180 Cm X 150 Cm : 150 watts

This standard electric blanket has a short 20 minute heat up time. It comes with a 3 heat setting controller and a built-in overheat protection function. The blanket is made from 100% polyester.

A revolutionary way to sleep: it’s a NEW SLEEPING CONCEPT Take a second to imagine to sleep on slightly heated surface in chilling winter. How relax you are going to feel ?

Type : Electric Blanket

Color : Blue Stripe / Red Stripe / Soft Fur Camel / Flower Is Hazardous Material : No

Material : Polyester

Number Of Temperature Settings : 3

Wire Size : 1.5 m

Power Input : 220-240 Ac /50 Hz

It is recommended that you cut power before sleeping on it.


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